John Barclay


2006 Side Room Renovation

Initial State

The plaster is falling. And has been for 5 years in this room. We installed new windows and doors over the summer and fall and now its time to rip out the plaster and convert to drywall.


Oh the walls are filled with brick. Great for tornados, bad for insulation. Bad for demolition and running wiring. Interestingly the previous insulation contractors had cellulose blow-in holes and plugs in each wall cavity. Did they not notice they were all filled with brick or were they trying to deceive?

brick close up



The R value of the exteriod walls should go from about R4 to R25. About a 6 times decrease in heat conduction. The infiltration may improve, but the bricks did a pretty good job of sealing the walls from wind. Interesting process putting housewrap inside the walls. Scout tests the insulation.

dog on insulation

Letting the Neighborhood See Our Progress

Without inviting everyone by, we can celebrate with the neighbors with a big scrap pile.

scrap pile lathscrap pile lath

Electric and Drywall

One ungrounded outlet and an extension cord through the floor was fine for us, but we wanted to be ready for the future.

electricelectricelectric boxes

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