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Current Development Interest

My web development recently has been along 4 different lines:

  • Drupal. I've been loving drupal lately as it takes much of the work out of getting sites up and running, but has a sound architecture that can be extended. The combination of PHP and MySQL with Drupal ties me into a large and generous development community.
  • Web Apps with ASP.NET with MSSQL on the backend.
  • Maintaining a classic ASP CMS and web form system which is built on XHTML edited via Adobe Contribute and Dreamweaver and web forms. Classic ASP and XSLTs glue the data together to generate XHTML..
  • Filemaker, PHP, and PHP.FX. I do this as a side job and appreciate the simplicity of the architecture. I use smarty and quickforms as the templating language and form frameworks.

Regardless of development platform, my web development is strong in standards compliance, CSS, accessibility, usability, separation of content and presentation layers, and appropriately tiered code. My architectures generally allow designers or clients to modify their own content for their sake and mine.


I do a project or two as a consultant every year. Generally these are web-database applications and web site deployment (templating and editing tools for content authors), but I'll do anything within my areas of expertise if the project looks interesting. Drop me an email if you have a project you want a bid on or an RFP that looks appropriate.


I began programming in the early eighties in high school in BASIC, assembly language, and PASCAL on Apples, TRS-80s, and Atari 800s. Originally amused by the novelty of computer technology I grew into enjoying the logic, problem solving, design aspects and puzzles of computer programming. During my undergrad work in Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois my research work focused on computer modeling of groundwater and economic theory. After a long break from computers in the 90's, the internet piqued my interest in about 1996 and I developed an internet presence for a number of community groups and worked for On the Job Consulting developing Perl CGI web applications. In 1997 I started working for the College of Education initially developing on a Macintosh WebStar/Filemaker Pro/Lasso environment and migrating to an IIS/SQL Server 2000/Active Server Pages environment. This was followed by a period of classic ASP and ASP.NET with a lot of web services and XSLTs.

Programming still amuses me.

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