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John Phillip Barclay

908 W. Church St., Champaign, IL 61821

217-359-2715 (home) 217-333-3667 (work)



More than 15 years of successful application and web site development experience.


Computer skills  


  • Illinois Center for Information Technology Accessibility Trainings: Online Web 2.0 Accessibility Seminar on ARIA; Web Accessibility Design Semester Course; and several other one hour trainings.
  • Developed accessible Drupal Web Site for Illinois Individual Education Plan Quality grant which won "UIUC 2008 Cool Website Award" because of its accessibilty.
  • Active in Drupal Accessiblity work including maintaining "Accessibility Helper" module, maintaining accessibility documentation, and submitting patches.
  • 10 years as Webmaster for University of Illinois College of Education with focus on accessible user interface design.
Design and Architecture
  • Proficient at developing n-tier applications with particular attention to reusability, standards compliance, re purposing,  object oriented design and separation of style and content.
  • Ability to balance existing solutions (commercial, open sources, code web sites) and development of original code and maximize hooks and API’s of commercial solutions.
  • Caters to user maintainable applications.
Languages and Standards
  • Proficient in:PHP, C#, XHTML; XSLT; XML; CSS; Xpath; VB Script; Javascript; Perl; Transact-SQL; XSL-FO; RSS; iCalendar; LDAP; XML Schema; and Microsoft Active Directory, ADO, CDO, MSXML and ADSI Models and APIs.
  • Familiar with: Java, SOAP, Microsoft Excel and Access Scripting, FORTRAN, BASIC, Pascal, Assembly/Machine Language, FileMaker Pro Scripting.
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Access, FileMaker Pro
  • Web Publishing: Drupal, Dreamweaver 8 and MX, Contribute 3, Fireworks
  • Campus Applications: Bluestem, UIUC Web Services Calendars, UIUC Web Services RSS Manager
  • Utilities: CVS, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Visio, Publisher, Visual Studio .NET
Platforms and Server Environments
  • Client Platforms: Microsoft Windows® 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Macintosh OS X
  • Server Environments: Drupal, ASP, ASP.NET, Perl-CGI, Cold Fusion, PHP, Microsoft COM+, Microsoft Active Directory, .Net Platform, Lasso, WebStar, WebBoard, Unix Server/Apache




Lincoln Trails Library System Consultant 2005-2008,

  • Developed PolyTalk online international interpreter network, Lincoln Trails Annual Profile Summary reporting service, Lincoln Trails Course registration system. See favorite projects.


College of Education Lead Research Programmer and Webmaster 1997-2009, College of Education

  • Developed Drupal IEP-Q site.
  • Architected and Developed “Editable Form” model for 2005 Faculty Online Annual Report including PDF and MS Word (Rich Text Format) outputs.
  • Architected and Developed “EdWebs” application for template based web authoring using Macromedia Contribute.   Application used XML, XSLT, XHTML, and CSS to implement state-of-art web publishing architecture for College.
  • Architected and Developed “Form Processor” for web-enabled database forms.  In its 3rd version with over 200 forms in production, the form processor drives much of the College and CTE’s intranet and web forms.
  • Developed “Group Reconciler” and “Group Manager” tools for group management within the College.
  • Developed College of Education Intranet web interfaces including AD authentication and external account system for database and active directory accounts for users outside UIUC. 
  • Developed first generation of following database driven, web editable content areas:   faculty and staff research and biographical web pages, web course directory, Y2K computer inventory, announcements and news. 
  • Developed Component Object Model (COM) Components library with objects such as Database Functions, COE Users, Active Directory Functions, etc. for use by COE and CTE developers.
  • Played active role in UIUC Webmaster group, leading several workshops and organizing several others including planning of annual conferences.
  • Migrated college web server and CGI applications from Macintosh/Webstar and Unix/Apache to Windows 2000/IIS. 
  • Developed “User Webs,” a self-service web application for creation of student and staff web folders. Used to create over 1900 student web folder in last 4 years.
  • Developed numerous administration scripts including script for identifying netid changes through comparison of database tables and AD properties.   


Programmer 2004-2005, Coordinated Sciences Laboratory

Did two 80 hour annual appointments in Active Server Pages/SQL Server 2000 intranet environment. Kept intranet working after loss of programmer; inventoried and documented intranet; helped hire new programmer; tightened security; fixed Bluestem problems; and assisted in migration to IIS 6/Microsoft Server 2003.

Programmer 2000-2009, On The Job Consulting

  • Worked for Knight Securities and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter on stock trading and analysis software using Perl and C. 
  • Worked on web-database infrastructure for nationwide sales team for Network Ninjas using Perl-CGI and mySQL. 
  • Researched search engine technologies for Illinois Math and Science Academy.
  • Developed modules for online gaming magazine using Cold Fusion.    

Community Activist 1988-1999

  • Prairienet Volunteer and Advisory Council Member. As a Prairienet volunteer and Advisory Council Member worked to give many community organizations an Internet presence through group design of web pages, HTML training sessions, and initiating and maintaining e-mail networking lists.
  • Common Ground Food Co-op, Champaign, IL. Developed and maintained web site of U.S. food co-ops with funding and support from national co-operative organizations. Developed database using FileMaker Pro using scripting language to automatically generate various web page.
  • Prairieland Community Supported Agriculture.  Founded organization and networked with regional and national Community Supported Agriculture organizations.
  • Illinois Disciples Foundation. Maintain small local area network of Macintoshes.  Board of Directors, Chair of Program Committee, Budget and Finance Committee, Property Committee, Nominations Committee, Executive Committee, Long- Range Planning Committee and Accountant.      


Research Programmer 1988-1991, College of Civil Engineering

  • Translated mathematical models into FORTRAN programs for two research teams doing ground water modeling.
  • Co-authored "Economic Aspects of Ground-Water Withdrawal Permits" (Journal of Resources Planning Management, Vol. 116 No.2, March/ April 1990, p. 282) paper with Prof. J. Wayland Eheart and worked on research team  studying "Optimal Parameter Sampling and Aquifer Remediation  Design Under Uncertainty."  


University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign 1984 - 1990 B.S., Civil Engineering. 4.4 GPA.  145 Hours of Credit.  


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